High Bay/ARS Warehouses

Optimal enclosure of high bay warehousing and Automatic Rack Systems (ARS) structures.

BRUCHA Panels are the most efficient means for attaining tight, cost effective enclosure of high bay, ARS, and other high-density storage warehousing. The range of BRUCHA Panel offerings readily satisfy any required  controlled environment conditions -- be it dry storage, refrigerated or frozen products.  Vertical and horizontal panel orientations provide options for integrating with racking designs and/or structural steel, and to optimally address wind loads and installation requirements. 

Extensive BRUCHA experience in the high bay/ARS construction area includes a range of demanding specialty storage areas - including:

  • Gas-tight building enclosure for "Oxy-Reduct" fire suppression systems 
  • Deep freeze applications down to -40 °C
  • Fire protection designs

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