Refrigerated Storage Facilities

Efficient & effective insulated panel solutions for cold storage -- new construction, expansions and retrofits.


BRUCHA Insulated Metal Panel products (IMPs) are designed with unique panel joint profiles and the latest foam insulation technology to assure tight, energy efficient, cold storage and controlled environment structures. 

Whether a large cold chain distribution facility, a hygienic food processing plant or a back-of-supermarket refrigerated/frozen food storage, BRUCHA panels allow cost effective installation of exterior building walls, interior partition walls, ceilings and roofs. 

Combine IMPs with BRUCHA's insulated doors and accessories for a complete and fully integrated design solution.

Refrigerated, frozen and controlled environment storage panels are available as both Wall Panels (WP) and concealed fixation Facade Panels (FP-P), in the full range of standard BRUCHA colors, profiles, surface coatings and thicknesses.  For traditional 4" refrigerated enclosure panels consider BRUCHA Panel WP 100, in Gray White (RAL9002) or Pure White (RAL9010), with Profile 1 -- or consult with your BRUCHA sales representative and our panel catalogue.

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