Darbo in Stans, Tyrol

High-rack warehouse, Darbo, Stans
BRUCHAPaneel fire protection facade FP-F160 incl. corner panel version
RAL 9016, 7035, 9006, 9007, Profile 4
BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR wall WP120 as a partition wall in RAL 9002 Profile 1
Pilaster strips RAL 7016
Total panel area: approx. 4800 m²


SPAR headquarters in Wörgl - PLATINUM Austrian Sustainable Building Council quality certificate

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR and fire protection for facades and interiors
FP-F60 stainless steel mirror optic, Profile 6
WP-A150 acoustic panel in RAL 7047
FP-P120, FP, FP-F150 in RAL 7047 and 7016 Profile 4
WP 100 in RAL 9010 50 my PUR/PA, WP 200/150 in RAL 9010
GSP - Glass Sandwich Panel
Total panel area: 8,000 m2


SPAR branch in Breitenbach am Inn

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR facade premium SELECT
Profile 2-2-6-6 in RAL 9007
Interior: Cold walk-ins for meat and delivery areas


The Finkenberger Almbahnen in Tyrol

Top and bottom stations
BRUCHAPaneel PU facade FP 80
Zeus 50 my Prisma - Profile 5
BRUCHAPaneel PU facade FP 60
Orion 50 my Prisma - Profile 5


ETIVERA Verpackungstechnik in St. Margarethen an der Raab/Styria

BRUCHAPaneel fire protection facade FP-F 120
profile 5 RAL 7016, 9007 and 9006
High-rack dimensions: L=174 m W=17 m H=20 m


Sofidel America Corp. paper factory Circleville Ohio/USA

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR wall WP 160, facade FP 100
profile 1, RAL 9010 and 9010 35 my PVDF
Total panel area: around 30,000 m²


G3 Shoppingcenter in Gerasdorf/NÖ

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR and fire protection
profile 6, RAL 1036 pearl gold
panel length up to 13 m
profile 2, screenprintpanel
Total panel area: 30,000 m²


Ice hockey rink in Košice/SK

profile 4, RAL 9006 white aluminium,
9007 grey aluminium, RAL 7016 anthracite grey
and 2008 bright red orange
Radius panels laid horizontally
Total panel area: 2,800 m²


Wiesbauer Gourmet in Reidling/Lower Austria

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR and fire protection wall, facade and acoustic
office: PUR/PIR profile 5,
RAL 9007 grey aluminium
production: fire protection profile 5
RAL 9006 white aluminium
Interior: RAL 9010 pure white 150 µm and stainless steel K220
Total panel area: 16,200 m²


SCA Hoogezand/NL

BRUCHAPaneel fire protection facade
FP-F 150, profile 1, RAL 7016, silver metallic,
5012, 5022 and 6018
coating: PUR/PA
Total panel area: 18,000 m²


Spar in Strengberg/Lower Austria

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR facade design+
profile 2, gold metallic
incl. Interior/coold freezers
Total panel area: 1,000 m²


MPreis in Weer/Tyrol

stainless steel mirror optic
BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR facade
FP80, FP160 profile 6
Total panel area: 1,400 m²


Spar in Alland/Lower Austria

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR and fire protection facade FP and FP-F 150
profile 5, RAL 7021 black grey
Cladding facing Eternit
Total panel area: 550 m²


MPreis in Völs/Tyrol

BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR facade FP100
profile 6, stainless steel mirror optic
interior, hinged-, sliding- and swing doors EI30 and EI90
Total panel area: 28,000 m²


Rauch in Nüziders/Vorarlberg

high-rack warehouse
BRUCHAPaneel fire protection facade
FP-F100/120, profile 4
RAL 9006 white aluminium, 7016 anthracite grey
high-rack warehouse: building height 36 m
Bracket mounted ALU cladding: 2,200 m²
Total panel area: 16,000 m²


Spar in Kufstein/Tyrol

BRUCHAPaneel Glass Sandwich Panel GSP®
FP-P 120, profile, RAL 7016
panel length up to 14,72 m
GSP® surface: 640 m²
Parking garage ceiling: WP-F 200, profile 6 in RAL 9010
Total panel area: 2,000 m²


Metro St. Pölten/Lower Austria

BRUCHA cold storage construction
cold- and deep-freeze cells
hinged- sliding and swing doors
Glass front panels



BRUCHAPaneel PUR/PIR and fire protection
facade FP, FP-F 120 and WP 100 profile 6
RAL 9006, 7016 and 1007
Total panel area: 7,500 m²

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